Grant and Dorothy Review Calgary, Alberta Restaurants

August 5, 2022

A1 Café

A1 Café & Bodega

Gourmet      Informal 
    1213 1 Street SW   403 474-7766


This is a sad re-view. This site once housed, until COVID, one of our favourite haunts, Two Penny. We gave it a 10 glass rating. Then the owners decided to change pace and opened a café/bodega, and we were still pleased at 8.5. Then we went back. And now they are at 4.

First there was the experience: This was a COVID visit, so we decided to do a curbside pick up. I gave them the description of my car, and called from two blocks away to tell them I was arriving. I got an answering machine. I went around the block four times, stopping as long as I could on 1st Street, Southwest in traffic. Each time I came around again, no one looked out. No one came out. I parked two blacks away. And when I arrived at A1, and inquired about the on street delivery, I was told, “It's impossible to get parking on First Street." (So why do they offer it?)

Then there was the food. We had read they had a chef who specialized in fish and chips, and having just lost our favourite chippy, we ordered that. They were the  smallest orders of fish and chips we had ever seen. The three pieces of fish we each received equaled about one of the two pieces of fish we would have had for almost the same price of Trawlers. We would suggest Blowers & Grafton a few blocks away It's cheaper. Better quality, bigger orders.

As for the chips, I would rather have had tater tats out of the freezer.

The mushy peas were fine, but only only person at our table liked mushy peas.
The dessert was a dessert. 

I was told by my companions that if I wanted a re-review. I would have to go by myself.
We got a Sophie’s Pizza to finish our meal

Good vegetarian selection over the entire menu.


Su to Th     5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

F, Sa    5:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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