Grant and Dorothy Review Calgary, Alberta Restaurants

August 18, 2022



Ice Cream/ Gelato     Fast Food
     near the southeast corner of the Piazza del Duomo,
          Florence, Italy

8 10

This is our ten glass representative of all the wonderful gelato—That's Italian for "ice cream" by the way.—restaurants in the city. We have chosen this one obviously for its quality, but also for the fact that it has three locations in the city. But note, not all gelatos rate a 5. This one is organic and has all the marks of excellent ice cream:

1. The flavours change from day to day and reflect what is in the markets at the time, inidcating a product made from fresh ingredients.

2. The pistachio is closer to grey in colour than the livid green of inferior brands.

3. It tastes really, really good. For example, peach should give one the impression of biting into a fresh, cold Nigara peach.

Watch for the word "artigianto". That indicate an in–house product of what is usually highter quality.

Good vegetarian selection? Of course.


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