Grant and Dorothy Review Calgary, Alberta Restaurants

February 20, 2021


Hoopla Donuts

Sweet Delights     Fast Food 
Most of these locations are hidden in Phil & Sebastian shops

248, 414 - 3 Street SW
2043 33rd Ave SW
6455 Macleod Tr. SW
2207 4th Street SW
546 - 42nd Ave SE   Central Kitchen
     open for takeout   403-261-1885


So here’s the hidden treat to go with your coffee at Phil & Sebastian’s. And they are treats.

Good vegetarian selection unless you order a cheese and bacon doughnut, which they don’t have.


Their central kitchen and donut production site in in Manchester.
546 - 42nd Ave SE

Weekdays     7:00 am-12:00 pm
Weekends     7:00  am-2:00  pm

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at the Phil & Sebastian sites