Grant and Dorothy Review Calgary, Alberta Restaurants

August 5, 2022


Manuel Latruwe

Belgian Bakery     Informal   
     1313 1 St. SE on southbound Macleod Tr.  

8 10

This was a difficult review, as Manuel Latruwe produces excellent pastries, and an assortment of quiches and sandwiches as well. So far, so good. But we went especially for the belgium waffle breakfast, and this is what lost them points. The waffles were not particularly bad. But they were not big, pudgy Belgium ones, but rather very thin, somewhat anemic ones, with good toppings, but not horrifically superior to any number of other breakfast places in Calgary. Thus they ended up with a somewhat lower score than we would like to have given them, but with a high recommendation for the pasteries and other treats.

Good vegetarian selection.


Closed     Su, M
Tu to Th     7:30 - 15:00    
F, Sa     7:30 am - 17:00

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