Grant and Dorothy Review Calgary, Alberta Restaurants

June 25, 2022


Top Rated 


Galaxie Diner     Diner     6.5

Garden Deli General 5.5

The Garrison Pub and Eatery     Bar     6.5

Ginger Beef     Chinese     6

Globefish     Japanese     8

Gogi Korean BBQ     Korean     5.5

Golden Inn Restaurant     Chinese     6

Gong Cha     Tea     10

Gong Kee BBQ Noodle House     Chinese/Noodles     7

The Green Bean     General     7

Green Cilantro      Veitnamese      6

Grey Eagle Resort and Casino Banquet 4.5

The Great Canadian Bagel     Sandwiches     7

The Grizzly House   Swiss     7

Grom     Ice Cream     10