Grant and Dorothy Review Calgary, Alberta Restaurants

August 5, 2022



Hamburgers     Fast Food 
500 Centre St. SE in The Bow on the Plus 15 level
     403 454-5011

10 glasses

Oh, Burger! That is really all one needs to say. Here they have followed Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s law of meat to bun ration, and done so perfectly. They do not serve vegetable and condiment sandwiches with some meat thrown in, but a balanced delight with the meat as the highlight—unless you decide to engineer your own (which you can do) and manage to botch it all up. Their ingredients are fresh; the fries are hand cut, and the toppings are original and know their place. All and all, O'burger provides an excellent burger destination for the downtown lunch crowd.

M to Tu     10:30 am - 2:00 pm

W to F     10:30 am - 2:00 pm

Sa, Su     Closed

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I have had an 0'Burger four times, first two I had were closer to when the O'Burger first opened up at The Bow building and were excellent. Recently, Jan 2016 forward I had an O'burger, the burger was not hot at all, it looked like it was slapped together, the cheese was cold (not melted at all) and they put a lot of O' sauce on the burger which I had not request for. This burger tasted awful and I couldn't eat it. The Manager gave me a credit to try they're O'burger again, it was the same thing, the cheese was a bit melted though, but it just didn't taste as the previous good burgers, it still as not hot and its was even more greasy then ever, even the outside wrapping was greasy. Whomever is managing this location is doing a horrible job and I would not recommend to eat there, unless the owner checks in and replaces they're management and process. BH


The Calgary burger is the one to pick as your introduction. Then go from there.