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SW:     17 Ave./ 4 St. SW:     1033 17 Ave. SW     403 355-7474     www    

When we visit our son in London, England, Nando’s is the place to go for takeaway chicken. So with great expectations we entered Nando’s Calgary to be met with even greater disappointment. We suppose management is just too far away to keep a steady eye on the business. The setting was grimy: the wall behind the grills stained, upholstery ripped and a general sense of clutter. The service was adequate, but at one point we did count six people standing around finding nothing to do. Yes, the Peri Peri Chicken, their centrepiece, was there there, but overwhelmed by the general mediocrity of the experience. Note: The service is pub style, that is to say you order at the counter, and they bring your food to you.

Portuguese/ Chicken     Fast Food        

SE:  7 Mahogany Plaze SE, just south of Mahogany Gate   

17 Ave./ 4 St. SW:     1033 17 Ave. SW     403 355-7474     www    

We were so disappointed with the Nando’s in the northeast that when the new branch opened on 17 Avenue southwest, we decided to chance it. After all, it couldn’t be much worse. And the leap of faith was worth it. Here was a clean, bright place more in keeping with what we have become accustomed to in London, with food at the same level of enjoyability. So if you want to know what Nando’s is like in the "old country". Stay away from the northeast and head for the Red Mile. And now there is another  “good “ location in the southeast.

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