Poké Luna

Poke Luna

Hawaiian     Fast Food     2 Floor, Gulf Canada Square, 401 9 Ave. SW    587 583-7261   www

Poké (Hawaiian, pronounced poke-ay, referring to something "cut up”). What is served here is basically a raw fish Hawaiian salad. I know, at first that doesn’t sound too appetizing, and I must admit that when I first looked at the concoction lying in my bowl, I was rather disappointed and wondered what I had gotten myself into. But it turned out to be one of  the most unexpected treats of the year. The idea is simple. You look at the board and choose your base—usually a rice of some sort—your raw seafood, your toppings and your sauces. And then you eat. It’s fast, simple, nutritious and delicious. 

Su     Closed

M to F     10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Sa     Closed

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I can recomment Po-Ke on Centre Street North at 8th Ave. - Tim B

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