Salt and Pepper Mexican Restaurant

Latin American: Mexican     Informal     6515 Bowness Rd. NW   403 247-4402/     1413 9 Ave. SE   403 269-1441   www   

 This review is based on our most recent visits to the Inglewood location, though the same old family recipies are used in Bowness as well. We found the location was pleasantly Mexican, giving a sense of the country in subtle, rather than setereotypical ways. Dorothy doesn't particularly like peppers, so a good mark of the fine dishes this restaruant serves is that she raved about the stuffed pepper she got as part of her order. Grant, on the other hand, loves mole, and found their version outstanding. There are the anticipated traditional choices and a few originals to round out the selection. The service is friendly, and the prices are good. Give it a try. Good vegetarian selection.

Open daily  11:00 a.m. - 10: p.m.

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