Los Mariachis (now Tocos Mexico)


Latin American: Mexican     Informal    3725 Memorial Dr. SE  403 457-6117/    Macleod Tr.  SE    403 457-6117    www

The original restaurant on Macleod Tr. is one of those small places you can pass by for years without every noticing it at all. Well, the next time you are travelling up Macleod Trail, take time to notice Tocos Mexico, and then drive in, and have a great meal. And now they are on Memorial Dr. as well. The food is surprisingly good, the service friendly and the experience does have a certain authentic Mexican feel about it, except that here you can drink the water. The change from the old name of  “Las Mariachis" to “Tocos Mexico” does worry me a bit as it makes it seem a little like a fast food Mexican  establishment. No, this is a restaurant. with all the trimmings one would expect. Good vegetarian selection.

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Cynthia R.:     Nice that this was a good surprise. W. and I discovered the restaurant when it first opened… We enjoy it very much.

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