Grant and Dorothy Review Calgary, Alberta Restaurants

October 15, 2021


Tim Hortons

Coffee/ Sweet Delights     Fast Food 
Use the store locator on their homepage to find the location nearest to you. Or step out the door, and you will probably see one. 

10 glasses

Our first problem was classifying Timmy's. It started out, of course, as a doughnut shop, but now serves everything from breakfast sandwiches to soup and chili. And today most people think of it as their supplier of coffee. So, we have decided that we would go with the coffee and sweet delights designations. Mind you, Grant found the coffee a bit bitter for his taste, but Dorothy balanced this out with an opinion that their hot chocolate was among the best around. And as we both thought the food items, including the doughnuts, were great tastse and value for the price, we eventually did manage to come up with a rating.

Good vegetarian selection.

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Iced Capp. Mmmmm!