Grant and Dorothy Review Calgary, Alberta Restaurants

November 26, 2021



Latin American: Brazilian      Informal
      6820 Macleao Trail South in Sumggler’s complex  
          402 259-3119


Take a little salad from the extensive salad bar, and a couple of selections from the hot bar, and then be patient; sit back, and enjoy your meal as the gauchos bring you serving after serving of different meats and pineapple cut right from the barbecue spit. You can also choose to have a set portion brought to your table, but why would you want to spoil the fun? When you are making reservations, tell them that you need a table that is accessible to the wheelchair lift.


Su      4:30 pm to last sitting at 9:00. pm

M to Th      5:00 pm to last sitting at 9:00. pm

F      5:00 pm to last sitting at 10:00. pm

Sa      4:30 pm to last sitting at 9:00. pm


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