Grant and Dorothy Review Calgary, Alberta Restaurants

November 26, 2021



Turkish     Informal
     93-94 Wilton Road (Victoria tube station)
     London, England

8 10

Turkish food hasn't caught on in Calgary as yet, but with its large immigrant population, London, England has many turkish eateries, and this is our favourite. Yes, many dishes contain lamb and eggplant, but if you don't know the cuisine, you have never tasted these items prepared like this. And of course you can order moussaka and kebabs, but even these dishes, often copied at westernized establishments, come alive here, joined by a chorus of other selections just waiting to become favourites.

Reservations recommended.

Good vegetarian selection

Halah certified food


Sun     12:00 - 21:15

M to Sa     12:00 - 22:15

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